Troubleshooting: Dimmer Switch LED Bar is Blinking Red

Troubleshooting: Dimmer Switch LED Bar is Blinking Red

Summary (TLDR)

When the LED Bar is blinking red, it means the load attached to the light is too small in a non-neutral setting. In other words, if you are not using a neutral wire, you need to have your load (light) be at least 25W (NOTE: Not a 25W equivalent, but actually 25W). If it's not, a bypass needs to be installed at the light fixture.

About the Issue

This is in reference to the Gen 2 Dimmer switches (Black & Red Series) that are installed in a non-neutral setting:

The way the Gen 2 Dimmers work in a non-neutral setting is that they require at least 25W to be installed at the load (light) in order to let power seep through to the switch. If the load is below 25W, the switch will not work correctly and the blinking red light will signify this issue (in some cases, if it's a very small load, the LED Bar will not light up at all).

Solving the Issue

To solve this issue, you'll need to install a bypass at the light fixture. The bypass that is recommended is made by Aeotec and can be purchased directly from our site (NOTE: The Fibaro bypass will not work with our switches). Purchase here: Aeotec Bypass