Inovelli On/Off Switch (Red Series) - LZW30-SN - Spec Sheet

Spec Sheet | On/Off - Red Series (Gen 2) | LZW30-SN

The LZW30-SN Inovelli On/Off Switch (Red Series) is a Z-Wave enabled smart switch that works with many different hubs and gateways and allows remote control from anywhere in the world. It touts a ton of features including energy monitoring, RGB notifications, Z-Wave scene control, configuration from the switch itself, and easy 3-Way (and multi-switch) installation with either a dumb/existing or auxiliary switch.


Make: Inovelli
Model #: LZW30-SN (Red Series)
Project Code Name: Lights Out
Generation: Second (Upgraded From: First Generation)
Years Produced: September 2019 - Present
Status:  In Market

Getting to Know Your Switch

  1. Configuration Button: This doubles as a button that will configure parameters, but also a, "Favorites" button (Z-Wave Central Scene enabled)
  2. RGB LED Bar: This will show whether the light is on or off and also can be used for Z-Wave notifications (ie: garage door is left open = flashes purple) 

Features, Specs, and Certifications


  1. Technology: Z-Wave Plus, S2 Encryption, SmartStart
  2. Z-Wave Chip: 500 Series
  3. 3-Way, 4-Way (Multi-Switch) Compatibility: Works with a dumb (existing) on/off switch (no dimming), auxiliary switch (GE or HomeSeer), or another Inovelli smart switch (via Z-Wave Association)
  4. Energy Monitoring: Monitors energy consumption
  5. Z-Wave Scene Enabled: Add up to 13 Z-Wave Scenes (ie: multi-tap to trigger a scene/routine directly from the switch)
  6. RGB Notifications: LED bar will notify you of certain events (ie: LED bar lights up red when front door is unlocked)
  7. Disable Internal Relay: Tap 8x on the config button to disable the internal relay
  8. Change Parameters Locally: Change parameters directly from the switch without the need for a Hub
  9. Accessories Included: White Faceplates/Paddles and a Neutral Wire Jumper (Almond not included)


  1. Neutral Wire Required:  Yes 
  2. Max Wattage: 600W Incandescent, 300W LED, 150W CFL, 1200W Resistive
  3. Min Wattage: None
  4. Use with Fan: Yes -- 300W Maximum (Inductive Load)
  5. Power: 120V AC, 60 Hz
  6. Operating Temperature: 32-104 °F (0-40 °C)
  7. Signal Frequency: 908.42 MHz
  8. Range: Up to 100 meters line of sight between the Wireless Controller (Hub) and the closest Z-Wave Module
  9. Indoor/Outdoor Use: Indoor use only.


  1. UL Certified: E508406 
  2. FCC Certified: 2AB2QLZW30SN
  3. IC Certified: 10256A-LZW30SN
  4. Z-Wave Plus Certified: ZC10-19086700
Note about UL and IC: 
  1. UL site requires a purchase to view the certification. Please see the PDF at the bottom of the article for UL records.
  2. IC site does not have a direct URL for devices -- it will take you to a search bar. Type the IC # in the, "Certification Number" section. Please see the PDF at the bottom of the article for a screenshot of the IC website.

Advanced Settings

Depending on the version, this switch supports many advanced settings as shown below. Please reach out for the latest firmware file if you'd like to upgrade your firmware (NOTE: this requires a special tool that needs to be purchased separately unless your Hub supports Over-the-Air upgrades).
  1. State After Power Restored: Switch will remember the last on/off and dim level prior to losing power 

  2. Invert Switch: Inverts the switch (Tap Down = On, Tap Up = Off) 
  3. Auto-Off Timer: Automatically turns the switch off after x seconds 
  4. LED Indicator Color: This will set the default color of the LED Bar
  5. LED Indicator Intensity: This will set the intensity of the LED Bar (ie: how bright it is)
  6. LED Indicator Intensity (When Off): This is the intensity of the LED bar when the switch is off
  7. LED Strip Effect: This will allow you to add some sweet effects to your LED bar (ie: pulse, chase, solid, etc)
  8. Active Power Reports: The power level change that will result in a new power report being sent (% of previous report)
  9. Periodic Power & Energy Reports: Time period between consecutive power and energy reports being sent (in seconds)
  10. Energy Reports: The energy level change that will result in a new energy report being sent (% of previous report)
  11. AC Power Type: Select whether you are wiring your switch with or without a neutral wire
  12. Switch Type: Select what type of installation you have (single-pole, 3-Way w/dumb switch, 3-Way w/aux switch)
Please see the, "Parameter Document" at the bottom of the page for more information.

Compatible Hubs / Gateway's

Please note, these are subject to change -- please let us know if there is a hub that you don't see on the list that needs to be added, or one that's on the list that needs to be removed.
  1. 2GIG (no advanced settings)
  2. ADT Pulse (no advanced settings)
  3. (no advanced settings)
  4. Almond (Securify) (no advanced settings)
  5. EZLO Atom (no advanced settings)
  6. Fibaro Home Center 2
  7. Fibaro Home Center Lite
  8. Home Assistant
  9. HomeSeer
  10. Hubitat
  11. InControl
  12. Indigo
  13. ISY (Only ISY994iZW +/IR-PRO -- DOES not work with ISY-994i)
  14. openHAB
  15. Open Z-Wave
  16. Piper (no advanced settings)
  17. Ring (no advanced settings)
  18. SmartThings Hub
  19. Staples Connect DLink (no advanced settings) 
  20. Vivint Skycontrol (no advanced settings)
  21. Wink and Wink 2 (no advanced settings)
  22. Zipato ZipaTile
These switches should also be recognized by any open systems that support on/off (binary switch) device types. If your hub is not listed above, please  get in touch with us before buying the switch to avoid the hassle of returns.

How about Alexa or Google Home?
Smart speakers are NOT Z-Wave hubs so they won't work directly with any Z-Wave devices. But you can use a compatible Z-Wave hub with smart speaker integration to control your dimmer with voice control. These include the Fibaro hubs, Hubitat, SmartThings, Vera, and Wink.