Installation & Setup | LZW45 | Red Series Smart LED Strip | Vera

Installation & Setup | LZW45 | Red Series Smart LED Strip | Vera

Tip: To get the color changing abilities to work inside of Vera please see this guide after you include the device into your Z-Wave network:

Including Into Your Network

  1. Click on "Devices" and then "+ Add Device" to start the process of adding your device to the network. 

  2. Scroll down and choose "Generic Z-Wave device".

  3. Click through the prompts until you get to the screen that says "Follow the inclusion process as described in the users manual".

  4. At this point you can press the config button (A) 3 times. Vera should eventually show a spinning wheel and proceed onto the next step.

  5. Choose a name for your device and a room if you desire. Click "finish" to proceed. 

  6. Finally, the device will show up in your devices list and the inclusion is complete!


If for some reason the switch is not including, first make sure you are within range. Next, try an exclusion of the device before trying an inclusion. For an exclusion, the steps are the same as above except that during inclusion, Vera will suggest to try an exclusion if it detects a problem (after you hit "Retry" when the inclusion timer times out). After the removal process begins, press the config button (A) 3 times. After the exclusion is complete, you can proceed with the inclusion as stated in these instructions.