Installation & Setup | LZW45 | Red Series Smart LED Strip & Controller | Hubitat

Installation & Setup | LZW45 | Red Series Smart LED Strip & Controller | Hubitat

You will need to install a Device Driver prior to pairing with Hubitat. Instructions can be found here: LZW45 Device Driver Instructions
To setup effects/animations on your lightstrip, please see the following link: LZW45 Effect/Animations Setup - Hubitat

Abbreviated Instructions for Pairing 

In the Hubitat Web Interface, click on the Devices button (left side), then "Discover Devices", then click on, "Z-Wave". Next, click, "Start Inclusion", click on the config button (Button A - Figure 1.1) 3x rapidly until the LED strip pulses blue and choose the type of inclusion you'd like (ie: S0, S2, etc). Once complete, the LED strip should flash GREEN if successful and you'll be able to rename the lightstrip (if it flashes RED, then it was not successful and you may have to either move closer or try an Exclusion). Finally, click, "Save Device". 

Figure 1.1 - Lightstrip Controller Overview

This article will walk you through how to setup your Inovelli Lightstrip Controller (Red Series) by pairing it to your Hubitat Hub. For more advanced features such as Parameter Configuration, Device Handler Installation, Setting Up Notifications and Scenes/Routines, please see the recommended articles below.

Adding to Hubitat          

Z-Wave Range Detection (Optional)

This step is optional, but it will allow you to understand if your controller is within range of your Hubitat Z-Wave antenna.
  1. Hold down on the top of the light config button (Button A - Figure 1.1) and light button (Button B - Figure 1.1) for 5 seconds and release it
  2. If the LED Strip turns GREEN, the device is within range
  3. If the LED Strip turns RED, the device is not within range and needs to be moved

Installing the Device Drivers (Mandatory)

For optimal performance and to access all the advanced features, you'll need to install our custom device drivers. We recommend you do this first before pairing your controller. We wanted to keep this article short, so we've created a separate page for installing the driver. It can be found here: LZW45 Device Driver Instructions

Pairing (Inclusion) Steps 

NOTE:   The below directions assume you have installed the device drivers prior to pairing.
  1. Open the Hubitat web interface                        
  2. Click on, "Devices"
  3. Next click, "Discover Devices" at the top right
  4. Select, "Z-Wave"
  5. Select, "Start Z-Wave Inclusion"
  6. On your Inovelli controller, press the config button (Button A - Figure 1.1) three (3) times quickly (within 1-3 seconds) until the lightstrip pulses blue (as shown below)
  7. You may have to select the security level based on the hub you have (ie: C3, C5, C7) -- feel free to select the security level you'd prefer (we recommend S2).
  8. If successful, the lightstrip will turn GREEN momentarily (if unsuccessful, the lightstrip will turn RED momentarily) 

    NOTE: Fan/Light switch shown for animation until we create the lightstrip animation (ie: your lightstrip will pulse blue and turn red/green similar to how the Fan/Light switch does)
  9. In addition, your app will show the controller paired (it should say, "Inovelli Light Strip LZW45" -- if it doesn't, please make sure the Device Driver is installed)
  10. Click back to the main devices tab and look for your controller!
The device should show up like this in the interface if everything is installed correctly:

Excluding (Factory Resetting) the Controller

Sometimes the controller will not pair and needs to be factory reset. There are a couple of ways to do this. The first is via the controller itself, while the second is via the Hubitat Web Interface.

Resetting via the Controller
  1. Hold down on the config button (Button A - Figure 1.1) for 20 seconds until the lightstrip turns RED
Resetting via the Hubitat Web Interface             
  1. From the home screen, click on the, "Settings" tab
  2. Next click on, "Z-Wave Details"
  3. Finally click on the Z-Wave Exclusion button
  4. On your Inovelli Controller, push down the config button (Button A - Figure 1.1) three (3) times rapidly (1-3 seconds) until the lightstrip pulses blue 
  5. If the exclusion was successful, the lightstrip should turn from pulsing blue to GREEN
  6. In addition, Hubitat should say that your controller was excluded successfully 

Final Thoughts

For advanced functionality, you'll want to install our device drivers where you can modify parameters easily, setup notifications, and setup scenes/routines. As always, if you need help, please reach out, we're happy to assist.