Installation & Setup | LZW42 | RGBW (Multi-Color) A19 Bulb | Hubitat

Installation & Setup | LZW42 | RGBW (Multi-Color) A19 Bulb | Hubitat

This article will walk you through how to setup your Ilumin CCT (Tunable White) A19 bulb using the Hubitat Elevation hub.


  1. Device Driver Installed:  Please have the LZW42 Device Driver installed prior to pairing/including this switch.   
  2. Placement: Ensure the bulb will be within distance using the Z-Wave Distance Calculator (instructions)
  3. Constant Power: Ensure there is always constant power to the bulb (ie: you cannot shut power off to a smart bulb or it will go offline)

Installing the Device Driver

You will need to install this prior to including/pairing your bulb. Here's how:
  1. Inside the Hubitat web interface, select the “<> Drivers Code” Button on the left side bar
  2. Then click, “New Driver” (top right)
  3. Now switch tabs and go to the driver link in GitHub: LZW42 CCT Bulb Driver
  4. Select all code and copy it
  5. Go back to the Hubitat web interface and paste the code into the white box
  6. Click, “Save” – wait for the red, “Modified” word to disappear (this indicates the code was saved properly)

Adding to Hubitat   

NOTE: Please install the Device Driver prior to pairing/including to Hubitat. 

Pairing (Inclusion) Steps

We will use the Hubitat App for this. Again, please make sure you've installed the LZW42 Device Driver before starting the pairing process.
  1. Turn power off to your bulb (either by unscrewing it, turning off the lamp, or flipping the switch off)
  2. Open your Hubitat App 
  3. Click on, "Devices"
  4. Next click, "Discover Devices" at the top right
  5. Select, "Z-Wave"
  6. Select, "Start Z-Wave Inclusion"
  7. Turn power onto your bulb -- it should blink twice 
  8. If successful, your bulb will blink a third time to indicate it has included successfully
  9. In addition, if you scroll down under where it says, "Start Z-Wave Exclusion", if successful, the app will show, "Found Devices" and it should list out the Ilumin/Inovelli bulb
  10. Name the device and click, "Save"
  11. To find your switch, go to the menu and click on, "Devices" -- you should see it listed there.

Excluding (Factory Resetting) the Bulb 

Sometimes the bulb will not pair and needs to be factory reset. There are a couple of ways to do this. The first is via the bulb itself, while the second is via the Hubitat App.

Resetting via the Bulb 
  1. Power on and off the bulb 6x within 2 seconds 
Resetting via the Hubitat App
  1. Turn power off to your bulb (either by unscrewing it, turning off the lamp, or flipping the switch off)
  2. From the home screen, click on the, "Settings" tab
  3. Next click on, "Z-Wave Details"
  4. Finally click on the Z-Wave Exclusion button
  5. Turn on power to your bulb
  6. If the exclusion was successful, your Ilumin/Inovelli bulb should then turn dim to confirm 
  7. In addition, the Hubitat app should say that your switch was excluded successfully

Final Thoughts

As always, if you need help, please reach out, we're happy to assist.