How To: Set Your Config Button as Your Favorites Button | SmartThings

How To: Set Your Config Button as Your Favorites Button | SmartThings


Many times you just want a quick way to reach a certain dim level or you'd like to activate your favorite scene (ie: turn off all lights between the hours of 10pm and 6am). In this tutorial, we'll show you how to turn your configuration button into a, "favorites" button.

What You'll Need

To accomplish the above example, you'll need at least the following from a hardware perspective:
  1. Inovelli Red Series Switches and/or Lightstrip: On/Off, Dimmer, Fan/Light or Lightstrip
From a software perspective, you'll need to install some device handlers and setup SmartThings built-in SmartApp (Smart Lighting).

Device Handlers

  1. Inovelli Products: Lightstrip, Red Series On/OffRed Series DimmerRed Series Fan/Light


For this exercise, we'll be using SmartThings, "Smart Lighting" SmartApp, which is built into the SmartThings App. More on that below in the setup instructions.

Option #1 - Set to Favorite Dim Level 

In this example, we'll set the config button to act as a favorite dim level button -- we'll make it so that every time you press the config button, your lights will turn onto 40%. (NOTE: On/Off switch will have to be set to make a dimmer switch or bulb a favorite dim level as the On/Off switch does not dim):
  1. Click on the three lines at the top left of the screen (to access the menu)
  2. Click on, "SmartApps"
  3. Click on the, (+) sign at the top right to add a SmartApp
  4. Scroll down and select, "Smart Lighting" and select it
  5. Click on, "New Lighting Automation"
  6. Click on, "Which devices do you want to control", and select your Inovelli Red Series Switch(es)
  7. Change, "What do you want to do?" to, "Turn On & Set Level" (ST App says, "Colour")
  8. Click on, "Dimmer Level" and select, "40%", then press, "Done"
  9. Click on, "Select Trigger", select, "Button" and press, "Done"
  10. Click on, "Which Button?", select your Inovelli switch, and press, "Done"
  11. Click on, "Button Number" and select, "Seven" and press, "Done"
  12. Click on, "Button Action" and select, "Pushed"*
  13. Ensure, "Toggle on & off" is turned off
  14. Press, "Next", followed by, "Next" again, and then, "Done"
NOTE for Fan/Light Switch: By selecting Button 7 and, "Held" you are selecting the top of the light adjuster config button. Please see the Button Mapping Chart to select the remaining 3 config buttons.

That's it -- now every time you want to let people know dinner is ready, you can triple-tap up on your Inovelli light switch and it will notify everyone with switch heads-up notifications, bulbs and lightstrips turning on.

Option #2 - Set Your Favorite Scene 

In this example, we'll show you how to setup a scene where you press the config button and it will turn off all smart lights between the hours of 10pm and 6am for bedtime. Let's begin:
  1. Open up your SmartThings App to the main page 
  2. Click on the three lines to the left of the screen to open up the menu
  3. Click on, "SmartApps"
  4. Press the plus, (+) sign to add a SmartApp
  5. Select, "Smart Lighting"
  6. Select, "New Lighting Automation"
  7. Click on, "Which devices do you want to control" and select the switches that you want to turn off
  8. Click on, "What do you want to do?" and select, "Turn Off"
  9. Next click, "Select Trigger", select, "Button" and click, "Done"
  10. Click on, "Which button?", select your Inovelli Red Series Switch and click, "Done"
In this example, since we want a double-tap down on your light switch (or double-tap on the, "Fan" portion of your Fan/Light Switch), go to the Button Mapping Chart for your product and you'll see that a double-tap down (or double-tap on the, "Fan" portion of the Fan/Light) is, "Button 2 Held"
  1. Click on, "Button Number", select, "Seven" and click, "Done"
  2. Next click, "Button Action", select, "Held" and click, "Done"
  3. Turn, "Toggle on & off" to off
  4. Click, "Next" again
  5. If you want to rename the automation so you can easily remember it, feel free to do so -- if not, then click, "Done"
That's it! Feel free to test your scene.

Note for Fan/Light Switch: By selecting Button 7 and, "Held" you are selecting the top of the light adjuster config button. Please see the Button Mapping Chart to select the remaining 3 config buttons.

Additional Note: If you'd like to add additional components to your scene, you can create a separate Smart Lighting instance using the same steps above. Or if you'd like to have a SmartApp where you can set all your scenes from, please use ABC Button Control.

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