How To: Set Bulb Color With An Inovelli Motion Sensor | Homeseer

How To: Set Bulb Color With An Inovelli Motion Sensor | Homeseer


In this article we will demonstrate how to set the color of an Inovelli bulb with an Inovelli Motion sensor in Homeseer

In this tutorial Homeseer v4 was used, but the process in Homeseer v3 is basically the same. The main difference is the look of the interface, but navigation, terminology, and the process is almost identical.

How To

Set the bulb color


  1. From the Homeseer web interface click on the "Events" link.

  2. Click the "+" button, then click on the "New Event" link, and then the "Edit" icon..

  3. Set the options under the "If" heading as below:

    Trigger: "A Device's Value is . . ."
    Trigger Type: "This Device Changes and Becomes . . . "
    Device: "Node 8-Z-Wave-Inovelli 4-in-1 Sensor"
    Feature: "Home Security"
    Changes and becomes:
    Trigger Value: "Motion Detected"

  4. Under the "Then" heading select the following options:

    Z-Wave RGBW devices usually have a priority of which colors will display when all of them are on. In the screen below you will see that we are turning off all of the channels that we aren't using. This is necessary because of the priority mentioned. For the Inovelli Multi-White bulb the priority from highest to lowest is (Warm_White, Cold_White, Red-Green-Blue).

    Action: "Control a Device"
    Inovelli Device - Warm_White Channel - Off
    Inovelli Device - Cold_White Channel - Off
    Inovelli Device - Red Channel - Off
    Inovelli Device - Green Channel - Off
    Inovelli Device - Blue Channel - Level 254

  5. Click on the "Save" (disk) icons to save all of the configuration of your automation. 
  6. Setting up the automation is complete and you can now test it out!


The article has demonstrated how to set the color of an Inovelli multi-color bulb based on the detection of motion in Homeseer. The flexibility of Homeseer is vast so there are many things you can do with this information. If there is something unique you are doing with your automations let us know in the Inovelli Community at