How To: Set Bulb Color With An Inovelli Motion Sensor - Home Assistant

How To: Set Bulb Color With An Inovelli Motion Sensor - Home Assistant


In this article we will demonstrate how to set the color of an Inovelli bulb with an Inovelli Motion sensor. 

How To

Set the bulb color


  1. From the Home Assistant web interface click on the "Configuration" link.

  2. Click "Automations", then the "+" button, and then click on "Skip". We will be setting the automation up manually so there is no need to use the wizard.

  3. Input a name for your automation. We have chosen "Set bulb color on motion".

  4. Next, choose "State" and specify the Inovelli 4-in-1 entity with the appropriate data. When the motion sensor is tripped on the device it reports a state of "8" to it's "burglar" entity. This is because in z-wave, that sensor has many available state options. 8 means that motion was detected in an unknown location. So, we are having this automation trigger when the motion sensor burglar state changes from 0 (no motion - or idle) to 8 (motion detected).

  5. Then, select the bulb you want to control and the color that you want it to be changed to. In this automation we are controlling an Inovelli multi-color bulb's color and settings it's level to 99%.
  6. Lastly, click on the "Save" (disk) icon to save the automation and test it out!


The article has demonstrated how to set the color of an Inovelli multi-color bulb based on the detection of motion in Home Assistant. The flexibility of HA is vast so there are many things you can do with this information. If there is something unique you are doing with your automations let us know in the Inovelli Community at

Config File Data

If you want the information presented here to copy and paste into your "automations.yaml" file look below!
  1. - id: '1598040564387'
  2.   alias: Set bulb color when motion detected
  3.   description: ''
  4.   trigger:
  5.   - entity_id: sensor.inovelli_lzw60_4_in_1_sensor_burglar_2
  6.     from: '0'
  7.     platform: state
  8.     to: '8'
  9.   condition: []
  10.   action:
  11.   - data:
  12.       brightness: 255
  13.       rgb_color:
  14.       - 255
  15.       - 0
  16.       - 0
  17.       transition: 50
  18.     entity_id: light.inovelli_lzw42_multi_color_bulb_level
  19.     service: light.turn_on