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How To: Set an Auto-Timer on Your Switch (Turn Off Bulbs) | Hubitat


In this article we will go through how to set an Auto Off Time on a Inovelli Switch.  This will work for all switches but we are going to use an Inovelli Black Series On/Off switch in this example.  I'm notorious for leaving lights on and this helps with the WAF of smarthome since it turns our closet light off when I forget.  😬


Fortunately, this is a pretty easy thing to do.  Once you have your switch setup into Hubitat and the Device Driver Installed, go to the settings of the device.  Once in the settings, find the Auto Off Timer configuration option and simply set the number of seconds that you want the switch to stay on for once turned on.  In the example below, I set it for 120 seconds to represent 2 minutes of time.  

Wrapping Up

There you have it.  A very simple way to have a switch automatically turn off after a set time once it was turned on.  

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