How To: Get a Notification When There's Someone at Your Door | Home Assistant

How To: Get a Notification When There's Someone at Your Door | Home Assistant


In this example we'll combine a couple knowledge-base articles into one specific, "how-to" and show you how to create a scene where if motion is detected at your front door, your Inovelli LED Notifications will turn on for 60 seconds and then turn off. This is useful for holiday's when you have people over, Halloween to know when Trick-or-Treaters are coming to your house, or for birthday parties to know when people are arriving.

In this example, we're going to have your Inovelli motion sensor detect when there is motion (ie: trick-or-treaters) which will turn on your LED bar notifications to let you know there are people approaching (and then revert back to default once people leave). As per the note at the top of the page, you can use these same steps for any type of event and substitute colors for the specific event (ie: Cyan for Easter, Red for Thanksgiving, Green for Christmas, etc).

What You'll Need

To accomplish the above example, you'll need the following from a hardware perspective:
Home Assistant Compatible Motion Sensor. Here I am using an Inovelli Motion sensor that is not rated for outdoors, but is used in a covered entry way. If you would like to use an outdoor rated motion sensor there is on available from Zooz.
Inovelli Red Series Switches: On/Off, Dimmer, Fan/Light

How To

Set an LED Notification on an Inovelli Dimmer, Switch, or Fan + Light


  1. From the Home Assistant web interface click on the "Configuration" link.

  2. Click "Automations", then the "+" button, and then click on "Skip". We will be setting the automation up manually so there is no need to use the wizard.

  3. Input a name for your automation. We have chosen "Someone is at the door".

  4. Next, choose "State" and specify the Inovelli 4-in-1 entity with the appropriate data. When the motion sensor is tripped on the device it reports a state of "8" to it's "burglar" entity. This is because in z-wave, that sensor has many available state options. 8 means that motion was detected in an unknown location. So, we are having this automation trigger when the motion sensor burglar state changes from 0 (no motion - or idle) to 8 (motion detected).

  5. Now we need to calculate the parameter value for the color, effect, level, and duration that we would like to see on the device. The easiest way to do this is to use an online calculator that one of our community members created. It can be found right here:
  6. In the calculator change the "Switch Type" to the device you are using. Here we are using the Fan + Light. Next, choose the notification color, brightness level, duration, and effect. Here we are going to select choose for the LED strip to fast blink orange at full brightness for 1 minute. The number that the calculator outputs is 54331934.

  7. Next, in the Actions section, I have chosen to call the service "zwave.set_config_parameter". This action will turn on the notification of the first LED bar. You can of course choose whatever you would like here, but I have chosen something simple to demonstrate. If you are wanting to do something like "control Philips Hue Lights" then you would have something different for the Actions section of this automation. Here is the data to put into Home Assistant. Notice that we are taking the output from the notification calculator and putting it into the value section for the action.

    node_id: 23
    parameter: 24
    size: 4
    value: 54331934

  8. Finally you can click on the yellow save circle in the lower right hand corner (Looks like a 3.5" floppy disk for some reason) to save the automation.


The article has demonstrated how to set a notification on an Inovelli switch based on the detection of motion in Home Assistant. The flexibility of HA is vast so there are many things you can do with this information. If there is something unique you are doing with your automations let us know in the Inovelli Community at

Config File Data

If you want the information presented here to copy and paste into your "automations.yaml" file look below!
  1. - id: '1598040564387'
  2.   alias: Set bulb color when motion detected
  3.   description: ''
  4.   trigger:
  5.   - entity_id: sensor.inovelli_lzw60_4_in_1_sensor_burglar_2
  6.     from: '0'
  7.     platform: state
  8.     to: '8'
  9.   condition: []
  10. action:
  11.   - data:
  12.       node_id: 23
  13.       parameter: 24
  14.       size: 4
  15.       value: 54594083
  16.     service: zwave.set_config_parameter