How To: Create the Ultimate Bedtime Scene | SmartThings

How To: Create the Ultimate Bedtime Scene | SmartThings


In this article, we'll show you how a single button on a switch can prepare your entire house for bedtime. We'll show you how you can have your house lock all doors, turn off all lights, make sure your garage door is closed, and your temperature is set to 68. In addition, we'll make sure this scene can only be activated during specific hours so you don't accidentally initiate this scene during the day time. Pretty sweet, huh? I use this every night and there's nothing like watching everything execute -- you feel like you're on a spaceship.


In order to keep this article somewhat short (as this scene is very complex), we'll need to tackle some pre-requisites and we'll be linking out to other knowledge-base articles and sites. Here's what you'll need to get prepared before we setup the actual scene.
  1. Red Series Switch or Lightstrip: On/Off, Dimmer, Fan/Light, Lightstrip (Coming Soon)
  2. Inovelli Device Handlers Installed: On/Off, Dimmer, Fan/Light, Lightstrip
  3. 3rd Party Integrations (Optional)*: ecobee, MyQ (Steps 1-4 in KB Article)
* These are the 3rd party products we used -- there are a ton of different options. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about your setup!

Step 1 - Setup Your SmartThings Scene

There are two different types of scenes referenced in this article -- the first one is a SmartThings scene whereas the second one is a Z-Wave scene... confusing, yes. The first portion will define your scene while the second one will execute it. As a reminder, here's what we're going to do in the SmartThings scene (feel free to skip any of the parts you don't want to have happen):
  1. Turn off all smart lights (bulbs, switches, etc)
  2. Close the garage door
  3. Lock all smart locks
  4. Set the temperature to 68
Let's begin:
  1. Open up your SmartThings app and click on the three lines at the top left of the screen to open up the menu
  2. Click on, "Scenes" and click on the, "+" button to create a new scene
  3. Name your scene (ie: Bedtime)
  4. Under the word, "Actions", there's a sentence that says, "Add what you want to happen when you run this scene." -- click on the "+" next to this sentence to add an action
  5. Click on, "Control devices"
  6. Select all the smart lights you want turned off, garage door you want shut, locks you want locked, and your thermostat -- click, "Next" and your screen should look like this:
  7. Starting with your switches, ensure they all say, "Off" -- if they don't, click on them and select, "Off" and then, "Save"
  8. Moving to your garage door, ensure it says, "Close" -- if not, click on it and select, "Close" and then, "Save"
  9. For your locks, click on, "Choose what you want this device to do." and select, "Locked" and then, "Save"
  10. For your thermostat, click on, "Choose what you want this device to do." and set your heating and cooling temperatures to whatever you'd like and click, "Save"
  11. Click, "Save" and your scene should be ready and show up on the top of your app under the, "Scenes" section:
Now we'll connect this scene to your light switch so that it can be activated with the tap of a button.

Step 2 - Setup your Z-Wave Scene

As mentioned in Step 1, there are two different scene definitions (SmartThings and Z-Wave). In Step 2, we'll create a Z-Wave scene that will run your SmartThings scene when you tap the config/favorites button once. Finally, we'll take it a step further and only allow this button press to work during the hours of 10pm and 6am so you don't accidentally run the bedtime scene during the day. To recap, here's what we're going to setup:
  1. Press the config/favorites button (see below) and it will activate your SmartThings scene created in Step 1
  2. This Z-Wave scene will only activate the SmartThings scene during the hours of 10pm to 6am as to eliminate accidental triggers during the day
Let's begin (again, please ensure all device handlers are installed):
  1. Click on the three lines at the top left of the screen (to access the menu)
  2. Click on, "SmartApps"
  3. Click on the, (+) sign at the top right to add a SmartApp
  4. Scroll down and select, "Smart Lighting" and select it
  5. Click on, "New Lighting Automation"
  6. Click on, "Activate these scenes", and select your, "Bedtime" scene created in Step 1 and click, "Done"
    1. NOTE: If nothing happens after you do this, please make sure you have the latest ST App installed (ver. and above)
  7. Click on, "Select Trigger", select, "Button" and press, "Done"
  8. Click on, "Which Button?", select your Inovelli switch, and press, "Done"
  9. Click on, "Button Number" and select, "Seven" and press, "Done"
  10. Click on, "Button Action" and select, "Pushed"*
  11. Ensure, "Toggle on & off" is turned off
  12. Click on, "More options" and a drop-down will appear
  13. Click on, "Only during certain times" and select your starting and ending time (ie: 10pm, 6am) and click, "Next"
  14. Press, "Next", followed by, "Next" again, and then, "Done"
NOTE for Fan/Light Switch: By selecting Button 7 and, "Held" you are selecting the top of the light adjuster config button. Please see the Button Mapping Chart to select the remaining 3 config buttons.

That's it! You should now be able to shut down your entire house for bedtime at the press of a button. If you have any questions or troubles, please let us know!