How To: Create a Scene with RGBW Bulbs | Homeseer

How To: Create a Scene with RGBW Bulbs | Homeseer


Below is an example of how to create a scene in Homeseer to change the color of a bulb when the config button is pressed on an Inovelli Dimmer. I’m using Homeseer version (HS3) as of this writing. I’m going to create a single “Event” in Homeseer to turn an Inovelli RGBW bulb green.

How To

Set the bulb color


In Homeseer, click on the “Events” option in the “View” drop down to begin.

Next, you will begin to fill in the details regarding the “event” (i.e.scene). Other than the “Event Name”, the key information is going to be:

IF: Here we are going to specify which button press combo we are going to use.
THEN: The action we want to perform. In this case, I’m turning on the LED to notify me of something.

You’ll notice that in the “IF” statement I have chosen Central Scene. More specifically I specified “Scene 03 Key Pressed 1 Time”. Scene 003 is the config button. It breaks down like this:

Scene 001 - Down button
Scene 002 - Up button
Scene 003 - Config Button

For the Fan + Light the buttons are a little bit different:

Scene 001 - Fan On/Off Button
Scene 002 - Light On/Off Button
Scene 003 - Light Level Up Button
Scene 004 - Light Level Down Button
Scene 005 - Fan Level Up Button
Scene 006 - Fan Level Down Button

For the “THEN” section, this is where we setup the action we want to occur. In this case, I want change an Inovelli bulb to the color Green. So, I configure it as shown below.

Note: Z-Wave RGBW devices usually have a priority of which colors will display when all of them are on. In the screen below you will see that we are turning off all of the channels that we aren't using. This is necessary because of the priority mentioned. For the Inovelli Multi-White bulb the priority from highest to lowest is (Warm_White, Cold_White, Red-Green-Blue).

Action: "Control a Device"
Inovelli Device - Warm_White Channel - Off
|Inovelli Device - Cold_White Channel - Off
Inovelli Device - Red Channel - Off
Inovelli Device - Blue Channel - Off
Inovelli Device - Green Channel - Level 254

That is all there is to it. Using these steps as a guideline you should be able to get scenes and notifications working in your HomeSeer setup!


The article has demonstrated how to set the color of an Inovelli multi-color bulb based on the pressing of the config button on an Inovelli Dimmer. The flexibility of Homeseer is vast so there are many things you can do with this information. If there is something unique you are doing with your automations let us know in the Inovelli Community at

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