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How To: Automatically Turn a Smart Bulb On/Off with a Sensor | Hubitat


There are times where its more convenient to have a Smart Bulb turn on from motion as opposed to having to tap a switch.  Like when you're hands are full leaving a pantry.🤭    Fortunately, this is an easy fix with a 4 in 1 Sensor and a Smart Bulb.  In this example setup, we will be using an Inovelli Ilumin RGBW Bulb and the Inovelli 4 in 1 Sensor.

Setup in Rule Machine

Rule Machine is the go to for all things Hubitat.  It can be used as simple or complex as you need it to be.  Not to worry, this one is pretty easy.  Things you will need:
  1. Inovelli LZW60 4 in 1 Sensor paired to Hubitat.
  2. Inovelli Ilumin RGBW Bulb paired to Hubitat.
  3. A Hubitat Hub.
  4. Rule Machine app installed to your Hubitat.

Rule Machine Setup

Once you are in your Hubitat Home page go to Apps > Rule Machine > Create New Rule.  Give it a name.  We are going to call it "Pantry Light on".  (I also call this the late night snack automation.)  It should look like this at this point.

Creating the Trigger Event

Now that the initial setup is complete, lets create the trigger.  Click on "Select Trigger Events".  Scroll down till you find Motion and click it.  From there select the sensor you want to use.  From there, set the Motion reports drop down to "Active".  Your setup should look similar to the screen shot below.

Creating the Action

Now that the trigger is complete, lets create the action.  For this setup, we will create 2 actions. 

Action 1:  Click on "Select Actions to Run".  In the drop down, select "Set Dimmers and Bulbs".  Select "Set color temperature and level".  Choose the bulb you want to turn on from the motion of the sensor.   Set the color temperature to your preference and the level at which you want the bulb to turn on to. 
Action 2:  Now we need to set the timer for the bulb to turn back off.  To add this, select "Control Switches, Push Buttons" in the first drop down.  Select the "Turn switches off" in the next drop down menu.  From there, select the same bulb that you did to turn the light on.  I set a delay of 2 minutes to run this action.  This allows for the bulb to turn on and then 2 minutes later to turn off.

Finishing Up The Automation

With the Triggers and Actions complete, It should look like this below.

Wrapping Up

This ends up being a great automation and will help save you power by having the lights turn off automatically.  Of course, it could be just my kids that leave the lights on but that would surprise me.

As always, don't hesitate to leave any feedback or reach out with questions!