Firmware v1.41 (Beta) | LZW31 | Dimmer - Black Series (Gen 2)

Firmware v1.41 (Beta) | LZW31 | Dimmer - Black Series (Gen 2)

Update: Firmware 1.41 has been replaced with 1.43 that has more bug fixes and enhancements. Info can be found here:

This page features information regarding the beta firmware for the LZW31 that was released on 03/27/2020. This firmware is intended for users that would like to test the fixes and features included in this release before it goes into production. It should be a fairly stable release that fixes several issues.

The attached .otz file is the Z-Wave Chip Upgrade that is target 0 in the Z-Wave PC Controller software.
The Holtek .bin file is the LED bar MCU firmware and is target 1 in the Z-Wave PC Controller software.
Updating the firmware is a fairly safe & fool proof procedure with Z-Wave. Please double check you are updating the correct device with the appropriate model number. Do not interrupt power to the device while the update is taking place.
Please proceed at your own risk. Bricked switches due to user error will not be replaced nor refunded. If you'd like to mail in your switch to have us do it for you, we're happy to do so.

Bug Fixes

Homeseer: Fixed not processing BasicReports when sent after turning switch on/off from the wall. Changed to SwitchMultiLevelReport.
Vera: Fixed association purging issue. Vera was not properly processing group #4 group name. Shortened the name to resolve this issue.
Fixed state sometimes not being restored properly when local protection is enabled.
Fixed dimmer turning off when level rises above 80% on certain circuits. Make sure parameter 21 & 22 are set correctly.
Fixed an issue where when the user sets parameter 5 in switch config mode it causes an exception.
Fixed additional bugs for setting configuration parameters in switch config mode for parameters 5,9,10,11.
Fixed an issue where holding the down key to adjust a device in association group 4 would sometimes turn it off.
Fixed a bug where the duration of parameter 17 is far from the expected value.


Changing minimum level to 10% to accommodate likely use of LED bulbs.