Firmware Change-log: LZW30 - On/Off Switch (Black Series)

Firmware Change-log: LZW30 - On/Off Switch (Black Series)

Latest Production Version = 1.20.otz
Latest Beta Version = 1.22.otz


Please see below for the change-log for the firmware of the Red On/Off Switch (LZW30). This page will be continuously updated with the most up-to-date firmware file locations, bug fixes and enhancements.

Firmware Versions & Links

Please see below for the various versions of the firmware. Please keep in mind there is one part to this firmware: .otz (Target 0) - Z-Wave MCU.

Click on the below to download the firmware files -- if you have Hubitat, you can right click (Copy link Address) on the hyperlinks to copy the URL for the Firmware Updater



V1.22 - 05/10/2021

Bug Fixes

Fixed the bug that the V1 version of Protection Set Command would cause RF state of Protection to become enabled. This mostly affected Home Assistant users as it is still using V1 of this command class.

V1.21 - 08/17/2020 


S2 inclusion optimization for 700 series hubs. 

V1.20 - 07/14/2020


Change that optimizes Z-Wave exclusion during mass production. Intended for quality testing after assembly. 

V1.19 - 07/06/2020


Add parameter 51, to enable instant on (ie: disable the 700ms delay). Note, if you disable the delay, it will also disable scene control except for Button 1 (ie: tap up 1x or tap down 1x) and button 7 (config button). All other buttons (2-6) will be disabled.

Parameter 51
Size: 1 Byte
Default: 1
Range: 0-1
0: No Delay
1: 700ms Delay

Added the LED color, "White" when parameter 5 is set to 255.

V1.17 - 05/01/2020

Bug Fixes

Fixed: when a device is not on a network, a factory reset by holding down the config button for 25 seconds does not reset the configuration. 
Fixed: multiple switches blink green(like they were excluded)when more than one switch is not on a z-ware network and one of those switches is 
Fixed: when the load is off, setting parameter 3(auto off time) problem. Sometimes the timer would be incorrect the first time the load turned off. 
Fixed: when the parameter 3 is set from non-zero to zero, it is immediately closed if the load is on.


Add parameter 13, for some special load types. Can be used in certain 3-way dumb switch setups where the load is confusing the switch as to which state it should be in.

Parameter 13
Size: 1 Byte
Default: 0
Range: 0-1
0: Detect Load Type.
1: Manually set for special load type.

V1.16 - 04/16/2020

Bug Fixes

Fixed state sometimes not being restored properly when local protection is enabled.
Fixed the issue when more than one device is associated and the switch is in S0 mode, the second device does not get commands. 
Fixed the bulb would occasionally blink once to OFF when re-powered if connected to a traditional switch. 
Fixed the parameter 7 value not being able to be set to 10 during local config mode. 
Fixed when the switch is ON and associated bulb is OFF, pressing the Aux switch UP would not turn on the associated bulb. 
Fixed when local protection is enabled, the settings for "State after power restored" did not work.
Fixed switch responding to Basic Set with Switch Binary Report. It now responds with a Basic Report when a Basic Set is sent and a Switch Binary Report when a Switch Binary Set is sent. 

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