Device Handler Installation | LZW45 | Lightstrip & Controller Kit

Device Handler Installation | LZW45 | Lightstrip & Controller Kit

This article will walk you through the features of the custom device handler and how to install it for optimal usage and advanced functionality on your Inovelli LED Strip & Controller Kit (LZW45) . We promise it's not hard and should take you 5-10 minutes tops.


  1. SmartThings IDE Tab Open: (sign in with the same info as you do with the app) 
  2. Device Handler Code Tab Open: LZW45 Raw Code

Installing the Device Handler

We recommend installing the device handler prior to installing your controller, but it really doesn't matter. There will just be a few additional steps you'll need to take if you install the handler after you install and pair your controller.

Installing the Code for the Lightstrip Controller

  1. Open up IDE  and go to "My Device Handlers"
  2. Then click on, "Create New Device Handler"
  3. Next click on, "From Code"
  4. Now switch tabs and go to the LZW45 Raw Code link in GitHub
  5. Select all code and copy it
  6. Go back to the IDE tab (where you're at the, "For Code" tab) and paste the code into the white box
  7. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click, "Create"
  8. Then on the next page, click, "Save"
  9. Finally, click on, "Publish" and "For Me" and you're all set
NOTE: If you haven't paired your controller yet, feel free to install/pair it and the controller should automatically detect the device handler (the controller will show up as: Inovelli Light Strip LZW45). If you already paired your controller and/or it showed up as a, "Z-Wave Dimmer Secure" (or something like that), you'll have to associate the new handler to the controller. To do this, follow the directions below.

Applying the Code (Optional)

You'll only need to do this step if you already paired your controller or the controller is showing up as a, "Z-Wave Dimmer Secure" (or anything other than, "Inovelli Light Strip LZW45"). To do this, do the following: 
  1. In IDE, click on, "My Devices"
  2. Locate your Inovelli Lightstrip Controller and click on it
  3. Scroll to the bottom and click, "Edit"
  4. Scroll down about halfway where it says, "Type" and click on it (a dropdown will appear)
  5. In the dropdown, scroll down until you find, "Inovelli Light Strip LZW45" and select it
  6. Click, "Update" and you should be all set

Checking For Success

If successful, you should see the new settings in your app. Confirm this by doing the following:
  1. Open up your SmartThings app
  2. You should now see the various color controls: